Janice’s Dog, Angel

Friday, September 15th, 2017 Breeders Comments
Janice Wolfe Ridgeback

Our founder, Janice Wolfe, has an incident where her friend picked up one of her Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Angel, from the veterinarian and had a 4 foot high fence for her own dog. Since Angel was searching for Janice, she leaped the 4 foot fence and began her search for her beloved master. Angel had been taught not to cross streets without looking, since she was Janice’s service dog. And Angel traversed three towns crossing over the garden state parkway on a foot bridge, and crossing with traffic signals for more than 4 hours attempting to find Janice. There were numerous reports of a dog standing and waiting for lights to change, and traffic to pass, before crossing the streets. This occurred at rush hour, in Northern New Jersey. Since Janice had taught Angel to wait and look left and right before crossing the street, Angel extrapolated that this was the way to cross streets and survived till the age of 15. This type of behavioral excellence is not easy to attain, but it something every owner should consider striving for with their own pet. And it is something that UPK behaviorist can help you with. This is not an obedience trick, but rather a way of life much the same way we would teach our children how to cross a street.

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