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Our mission at Wyatt’s List is to save dogs by educating people.  Our founder, Janice Wolfe, has rehabilitated over 30,000 dogs during her career and knows how important it is that owners understand their dog’s behavior in order to create a solid, trusting, and harmonious relationship.  Once a dog understands what is expected of him, and knows his place in the family pack, he can relax and enjoy life as your joyful and happy best friend!  In addition, we provide extensive lists of resources, educational materials, products recommendation, and supplemental information in order for you to provide the best care possible for your dog.  We are also committed to charity and building community outreach, donating 25% per month to our charity partners. We are improving the lives of pups and their owners everyday.  So, welcome, your best friend is waiting…
Our behavioral team is headed by our founder, Janice Wolfe, who is an internationally renowned expert in rehabilitating dogs with severe behavioral issues including anxiety and aggression.  Our veterinary experts have a combined 150 plus years of experience among them and our charity partners tirelessly work to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out fantastic pups.
We love our dogs.  And we have done all the work for you and have assembled the most brilliant minds in the canine world, all to help you and your dog to have access to the best and most trusted knowledge and experts.

Wyatt’s List will be providing:


  1. Videos and private or group virtual classes providing expert behavioral education and assistance
  2. Advise for boarding, breeders, dog walking, grooming, nutrition, products, rescues, service dogs, shelters, transportation, rehoming, vet care, and much more!
  3. Financial support for shelters and rescues groups through our Charity Partners Programs
  4. Emergency Kits for purchase and a 1-1 matching donation program with our sponsors for foster and newly adopted dogs
  5. Wybox for purchase and a 1-1 matching donation program with our sponsors for foster and newly adopted dogs
  6. Lost Pet service linking our special community and selected GPS tracker
  7. Expert advice from veterinary specialists on our toll-free hotline (1-855-HI-WYATT)
  8. Pet loss and bereavement hotline
  9. Recommendations and reviews of foods, toys, collars, leashes, and other pet related item
  10. Tips and tricks to keep your dog happy and healthy with weather changes or while on the move
  11. Blogs and radio shows with information and advice
  12. Discounts on products from our company partners
  13. Guidance in choosing the best type of dog for your family
  14. Assistance in locating the right rescue group for the breed – or combination of breeds – you are seeking
  15. A community based group of pet lovers who truly love their pets
  16. Scholarship funds to veterinary school candidates who in return will, upon graduation, give back to the community by providing free or very low cost spay/neuter services as well as vaccinations and healthcare to the animals within the area they choose
  17. Education and startup guidance for new 501(C)3s dedicated to animal rescue, welfare and improvement of conditions
  18. Assistance with transport and holding facilities to save at-risk dogs
                                                                        Wyatt’s List – Saving dogs by educating people 

Questions or comments? Call us at 1-855 – Hi Wyatt or

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