Things a Reputable Dog Breeder Does Not Do

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 Breeders Comments
Dog Breeders
 You’ve picked a breed, and now it’s time to find the perfect dog to join your home. But that begs the question: How do you know if a dog breeder is reputable?
To help you, we put together a list of 10 things a reputable dog breeder does not do.
1. A reputable dog breeder does not breed indiscriminately.
The breeder is educated about their breed and will generally seek to show their dogs at confirmation events in order to adhere to breed standards. They are careful, thoughtful and only breed with the intention of bettering the breed. They breed to improve the health, temperament, and conformation. They will always stand behind their litters.
2. A reputable dog breeder does not breed the only dogs they have.
Some people breed two parents because those are the ones that they own. They don’t check that they possess the best qualities; but rather they breed because they want to make money from the sale of the puppies.
3. A reputable dog breeder does not breed to make money as his / her sole purpose.
Breeders typically spend thousands of dollars on genetic testing, x-rays, vet care, and health screenings prior to breeding. Reputable breeders will only breed dogs that are health checked and at least 2 years of age. They invest way more then they will ever get back selling the puppies.
4. A reputable dog breeder does not breed until both parents have been checked for hips, elbows, thyroid and every other genetic condition known to the breed.
There are many health conditions that appear as dogs get older, so it is absolutely wrong to breed on the 1st or 2nd heat cycle.  Not only is it potentially dangerous but it can potentially cause health issues in the pups. Dogs with weak temperaments (such as aggression, anxiety, and fearfulness) should never be bred as this can transfer these traits down to the puppies.
5. A reputable dog breeder does not breed to make a dog smaller, bigger, fluffier, or make a single trait more prominent.
6. A reputable dog breeder does not sell puppies to a pet store or online.
Plain and simple.
7.  A reputable dog breeder does not feed their dogs low quality food or do “vaccinnations” themselves.
8. A reputable dog breeder does not let puppies leave the mother and family until they’re 12 weeks or older.
Typically “back yard breeders” and puppy mills sell puppies far too young because they’re cute and small. But it is not in the puppies best interest to leave the mother and his litter mates until he / she is 12 weeks or older. Puppies undergo many stages of development; when they’re young they’re not quite able to learn from a human as well as they would from their mom and litter mates.  Some puppies can actually become overly dominant or fearful because they’re taken away from their mother too soon.
9. A reputable dog breeder does not try to convince you of something that goes against your instinct or “gut”.
If you want to pick a particular puppy – but you get a bad feeling about the “breeder” – walk away.  Some unscrupulous “breeders” will tell you that they’re going to euthanize the puppy – or otherwise dispose of it in another way – if you don’t take it.  Since they’re in it for the money this just isn’t true.  By walking away from a “breeder”, they will think twice about breeding again if they’re stuck with a lot of puppies.  You can be part of the solution in ending back yard breeding and puppy mills!
10. A reputable dog breeder does not breed multiple breeds of dogs and never keeps the mother and puppies in an unsafe, unclean, or cramped area.

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