How does Wyatt’s List work – Wyatt’s List is a resource created by experts to provide the most extensive list of resources, educational materials, products, and information so you can provide your dog with the best care possible.

How much do you donate to charity?

We donate 25% of our net profits to charity.

How do you determine which charity to work with?

We choose our charities based on their mission, commitment, outcomes, and allocation of funds.

How can I get my charity to be pat of Wyatt's List?

Please contact us via the form below and share your information.  We’d love to hear from you!

Do you take money for advertising?

No, we do not.

Do you work with sponsors?

Yes, we have a fantastic group of sponsors who donate materials that we include in our donated Wy-Box and Emergency Kits.

How long has it taken to create Wyatt's List?

Wyatt’s List has been “in the works” for decades, as all of our experts have been working in their chosen fields for years.

How did you acquire all of the information?

We compiled all of the information from our experts, verified companies, resource guides, educational materials, etc.

How did you choose the experts?

They were selected based on their professional experience, education, reputations, and colleague recommendations.

What makes wyatt's list different from just "googling" info?

All of the information, resources, and educational materials are fully vetted and legitimate. Our experts are incredible professionals, and provide only the best for our members.  “Googling info” can, unfortunately, provide information that is illegitimate, incorrect, or even dangerous.

Still have questions? Please reach out below.

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