What is a Hobby Breeder?

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 Breeders Comments
Hobby Breeder

A person who breeds several show litters a year is called a “hobby breeder”.  Hobby breeders are perhaps the best option for most people looking for a healthy and characteristic purebred dog.

A hobby breeder will typically show his or her own dogs or hire a professional handler to show the dogs they breed, and the dogs who are unsuccessful in the show ring, since they do not possess the highest qualities of conformation, temperament, tractability and willingness to be handled by strangers, will not finish championships and therefore will oftentimes will not be bred.

It is so common for people to say, “But I don’t want a show dog. I just want a pet.”  The problem with that if your “breeder” is not actively working to improve quality of his or her stock by comparing it to the established breed standard, chances are that the person does not really care about the quality of what they produce.

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