Buying a Puppy from a Pet Store

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 Breeders Comments
Puppy Pet Store

Thinking of buying a puppy from a pet store? How many of you have walked into a pet store and felt as if you were “rescuing” the puppy from a pet store or sub-par “breeder?  Probably many of you have felt that terrible twang of guilt and compassion for the cute little puppy in the window.  The problem is that when you “rescue” the puppy from that deplorable situation, even if the puppy was “on sale because it was too old”, the fact remains that the puppy was sold and that another puppy will fill that cage, so on and on goes this vicious cycle.

The only way to end this vicious cycle is to stop purchasing puppies from pet stores or “backyard breeders” who are only interested in your dollars.

Many pet store have deplorable conditions and many of the dogs suffer maladies such as coccidia, giardia, parvo, and many also suffer from congenital defects, serious upper respiratory infections and even blindness and deafness.  “Backyard” and “puppy mill” breeders often provide these dogs to the pet stores.  So be wary, and choose to get your pet from another source.

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