Puppies: not always the simplest choice

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 Bringing Your New Puppy or Dog Home Comments
New Puppy

Remember that puppies, even when you get them from the best show breeder, are still puppies.  They undergo developmental phases and they nip and chew.  They have to be housebroken and taught proper behavior.

“The first year belongs to the dog. The next ten years belongs to the owners.” Meaning that it will take conservatively a year for that young puppy to develop into the dog of your dreams or your nightmares.  It’s really up to you.

If you are working seventy hours a week, when will you reasonably have time to work with a new puppy to build consistency.  Remember, most puppies can only hold their urine for about one hour for every month old that they are. Thus, a new puppy that is eight weeks old can typically hold only two hours worth of urine before it must go outside – or somewhere – to relieve itself.  A four month old puppy can go four hours, and so on.  Typically, puppies can hold their urine a bit longer during the night than during the day when they are more stimulated and lively.  Do not get angry or punish your pup.  If you do everything right you should have the perfect puppy.

Remember to consider how big the puppy will grow before you adopt.  Young puppies, particularly those who have been neglected or underfed either due to illness or neglect, can often appear to be a smaller breed than they actually might be.  Try to get as much information about both of the puppies parents as possible, and then make the right choice for your family.

If you have additional questions or you need help, reach out to our toll free helpline hotline at 855-HI-WYATT for instant help.

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