Adult Dogs

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 Bringing Your New Puppy or Dog Home Comments
Adult Dogs

Adult dogs have already developed much of their personality.  So, you can easily tell if they like high energy activities, such as hiking and playing, or if they are more mellow.   You know their size (no puppy surprises here!); they are already housebroken and will most likely not chew or nip like puppies.

Perhaps the best part about adopting an adult dog is that you will generally know ahead of time if the dog is good with kids, cats, other dogs, etc.  Rescues and shelters can provide valuable information about the dog’s personality.  This does NOT mean that they will have no behavioral issues.  It simply means that you have a starting point in the middle instead of the very beginning of the race.

Remember that dealing with an adult dog that is already a few years old is actually easier to work than a puppy since puppies undergo stages of development which can sometimes require multiple days, weeks or months of constant reminders before becoming a changed and rehabilitated adult.  Think about explaining a math principle to a toddler over and over for years until the toddler finally is of the age to understand.  Now explain this to a sixth grader.  The same principle will take a very short time.

Without you, there is a good chance that an adult dog will be euthanized or spend its life searching for a family.  You are truly saving a life.  Truly you are a hero saving the life of an animal in need.

An adult dog is considered one aged approximately 1 to 5 years of age.

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