Senior and Special Needs Dogs

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Senior Dogs

Senior dogs, and special needs dogs, are often the last ones to find homes and are perhaps the most grateful for the love and care they receive from their adopted parents.  Some potential adopters understandably feel that they will become attached to this wonderful dog and have their hearts broken too soon.  But dogs can live until 17-18 years old, so they have a lot of love to give in those golden years which can be magical and life changing.  A great option for senior citizens of the human species is to adopt a senior citizen from the canine species.

Seniors and special needs dogs deserve our help much like elderly people living in nursing homes and children with special needs deserve even more love and time.  They can offer us so much more than we can ever offer back to them.  It is a different experience for you and a very well deserved life for the dog.

There are a lot of great things about adopting a senior dog:

  • Typically, they are more well behaved and do not require as much training as they are through all their chewing and housebreaking phases
  • They can be better socialized and well behaved than young dogs who are still in their defiant teenage years
  • They can get along well with other animals and guests in the house
  • They can be quieter and mellower
  • They are easier to walk
  • Senior dogs give a love because they actually have lived long enough to know when they’ve got a good thing.   Many senior dogs are appreciative and grateful of every pet, cookie, snuggle and word of kindness they receive
  • Oftentimes they have given their lives to their owners and sometimes, through no fault of their own, they find themselves thrown away or alone after a divorce, death in the family, bankruptcy or other life event over which they had no control
  • Pet insurance can cover the care for senior dogs
  • Ensure that they are not over vaccinated as they age, which can cause autoimmune issues

Senior dogs are typically six years and up

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