Home, garage and yard sweep – remove all dangerous items!

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 Bringing Your New Puppy or Dog Home Comments
Pet Safety

Check each room, the garage and the backyard for anything dangerous your dog may get into such as:

  • roach bait
  • mouse or rat poison
  • mouse or rat traps
  • bug spray
  • antifreeze
  • fertilizers
  • weed killer
  • insecticides
  • motor oil
  • mold or murky water (which can cause mold or attract mosquitos)
  • coco-bark mulch
  • stones and rocks (which can be ingested and can cause an obstruction in his body)
  • electrical chords
  • wooden swing sets (some wood is treated with dangerous chemicals and can harm a dog if they chew on it)
  • tools
  • nails
  • household cleaning sprays / wipes
  • poisonous plants or fruit (from fruit trees)
  • medicine
  • garden veggies (not all are safe for dogs)
  • garbage cans (make sure they can’t be turned over broken into)
  • candles
  • garden tools
  • sprays that contain neuro-toxins
  •  mushrooms or fungi





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