Your first visit to the groomer

Friday, September 15th, 2017 Grooming Comments
New Dog Groomer
  • Make sure that your groomer is familiar with your breed of dog, and understands her temperament, so that your dog doesn’t inadvertently develop behavioral issues at the groomer
  • How many dogs of a similar type and breed have you groomed and do you have pictures to show me what my dog may look like after?
  • If you notice that your dog is fearful the next time  you go back you’ll want to know why.  Ask if they had any issues when grooming or restraining her
  • How is the dog restrained while on the table so that it does not become injured or fall
  • What do you do to ensure that my dog will have a good experience and not become fearful of grooming
  • Ask your groomer about his / her experience and how long they’ve been working
  • Ask how many dogs he / she has groomed
  • Ask what kind of formal training or certifications do they have
  • Why did they decided to become a groomer
  • Ask which products they use
  • Please refer to our product section for what should and should use on your dog
  • What type of grooming products do you use and are they natural and non-irritating/hypoallergenic?  Natural and organic shampoos (free of dyes and perfumes) will not harm your dogs skin, and shouldn’t cause any reactions
  • Ask to see pictures of their work
  • Ask if they use a muzzle
  • Ask to review their safety procedures
  • How do they treat a nick or a cut on a dog
  • How do they handle behavioral issue – what do you do if my dog misbehaves and how do you correct him or her
  • Dogs can sometimes interpret hairdryers as a growl, a threat, and want to attack. How do they handle this aggressive behavior?
  • Do you pluck the inside of the ears or cut the hair?
  • Do you cut the nails with a nail clipper or do you dremel them?
  • What was the worst dog you ever worked on and were you able to complete the job?

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