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Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 Grooming Comments
Dog Combs

Curry combs are a terrific massage and shedding tool for short coated and bristly haired dogs such as Rodeshian Ridgebacks, Boxers, German shorthaired Pointers. They consist of tiny nubs or bumps in a round, oblong or mitt shape. They get the dense undercoat and loose hair out while giving a relaxing massage.

Be very careful when using a slicker brush on a short or soft coated dog. Slicker brushes have very sharp metal “teeth” that can really hurt. Some dogs love them but most will fight or voice their discontent. Round tipped brushes, just like human brushes, are able to get through difficult matts and knots. They are able to do so without pulling and tugging on your dog’s sensitive skin. Try rubbing the brush on the back of your hand first. Your dog’s skin is similar so if it is comfortable for you, it will probably be fine for your dog.

If you have a dog with a very thick double coat you can purchase a shedding blade from either a local Feed and Grain or pet store. A shedding blade will have one smooth side and one rough side. The rough side is to remove dead coat and hair while the smooth side is used primarily to shed excess hair from a dog’s coat. Ask for help in learning how to utilize this so you are not slicing at your dog by placing too much pressure as you use the blade. You can also use it to shed excess water from your dog after a bath or a swim.

The FURminator is our choice for shedding the undercoat and any dead hair from your dog or pet. These have come down a great deal in price from their initial inception and do a fantastic job for most dogs when used properly. The furminator also tends to last generally as long as your dog is alive as the tool is well made.

For those of you with a terrier or other similar breed who has shorter bristly hair you should not be cutting the hair but rather using a pulling comb which gently breaks the hair so that it still retains the rough texture. This is usually only an issue if you will be showing your dog.


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