What to do if you find a stray dog

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 Lost Pets Comments
Lost Dog Found
  • Do not chase the dog
  • Try and coax the dog to come to you gently so it does not become afraid
  • If the dog comes up to you, do not lunge or grab at the dog but rather stroke it under it’s chin – gently and slowly, but not tentatively, try to place a leash or slip lead over its head
  • You do not know this dog’s history.  One of the most common times people are bitten by dogs is when they are stressed, injured, disoriented or have medical conditions so be very cautious
  • Do not hover, bend over, or face the dog directly but rather squat down, and turn slightly away from him at a 45 degree angle.  This is less intimidating and threatening
  • Do not stare directly in his eyes – staring at a dog represents a challenge and to meet that challenge they will either fight or run (fight or flight response)
  • If you see the dog at a distance try to form a very large circle with other neighbors / friends around the dog to block him from running off, and allow the dog to calm down and settle.  Wait for the owner of the dog
  • Avoid having children help look for the dog
  • Try to lure the dog with a treat
  • Do not immediately feed the dog a meal, it may have special nutritional needs or medical issues
  • If the dog appears to be healthy and panting you can give it water, try a few ounces at a time so as to prevent bloat or cramping
  • Do not confine the dog when it has a leash on it – dogs under stress may become frightened, bolt, catch their leash, and choke themselves
  • Keep all pet and children separate from the rescued dog
  • Do not excessively pet the dog, especially if the dog appears to be nervous or anxious
  • Confine the dog to a garage or a small room, do not put them in your backyard as they may attempt to jump your fence and run loose
  • Do not attempt to put the dog into a crate unless the dog goes into a crate on their own.  Many dogs aren’t crate trained and they may be afraid
  • Let the dog settle at least an hour or two before attempting to become its “buddy”
  • NEVER put your face near the dog’s face
  • If possible take a photo of the dog, and upload it to social media and Wyatt’s List
  • Call Animal Control or a vet and ask about proper next steps – both have scanners that can read microchips

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