Checklist to help you find your missing dog

Friday, September 15th, 2017 Lost Pets Comments
Lost Dog Help
  • Take pictures of your pet including ones that clearly show the face, body, and any distiguishing markings
  • Attach ID tags to their collar and include their name, your name and your current phone number
  • Consider adding the contact information for family member of friend in case you can’t be reached
  • If your dogs needs medication – or has any other special needs – include that on the tag
  • Create a template for a poster (social media and print versions included) – we have a template available
  • Place posters in and around dog parks, major intersections, supermakrets, coffee shops and other places with heavy traffic
  • Hang the poster in serveral towns around your home, since dogs can travel several miles away in just an hour. The longer your dog has been missing, the larger the area you should cover with signage
  • Call shelters, rescues, and animal control, home owners associations, and local civil groups to report your dog missing
  • Keep a list of all of those people you speak with so you contact them again once you’ve found your dog. This way people will not continue to look for your dog, and it a great way to thank them for their help
  • Upload the lost dog template to your social media accounts and tag as many people as possible. The more people looking for your dog, the higher the chance he / she will be found
  • If your dog is food motivated have everyone looking for your dog bring a treat they can use as bait
  • If you have another pet bring that pet with you as you search – your dog may be able to smell you both
  • Instruct friends and family who are helping you find your dog not to chase your dog, but just to call you to report a signting. Even a friendly dog may run from strangers if scared or in an unfamiliar environment



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