Leader of the pack

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 Bringing Your New Puppy or Dog Home Comments
Pack Leader

So let’s think about this for a moment – how exactly do dogs find food in nature?  Does Denny’s open a breakfast buffet for all the little forest animals every morning and night?  Do they eat at a big buffet table together? Of course not!  When dogs eat in nature they hunt for their prey, and the strong leader eats first.  Once the leader walks away from the food, the others can then eat.  Dogs want the leader to be strong because it is his or her job to provide for the pack and protect them from harm.

The dog’s saliva is on the food or, in nature, a carcass.  So to simulate this natural happening, we want to place human and animal smells on the food; so, when the next highest ranking dog walks in, he smells that the leader was already there. Then the third highest-ranking dog eats his or her food, placing his or her scent on the food, eats and walks away.  And  so on and so on. Instinctually, a dog will understand that he is not eating first and therefore doesn’t need to protect his food (or bed, toys, etc.) because he isn’t a leader.

Here is where we work with nature and in the way that dogs naturally act and understand. By placing the scent of all the other family members on the food and toys, you are reducing the chances of the dog becoming territorial or protective over things he could interpret as “his”.  Dogs know that when they eat first or right after a walk, that they must be in charge, since no one else has eaten before him.


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