List of questions to use when interviewing a behaviorist

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 Training Comments
Dog behaviorist questions
Below are some helpful questions to ask a behavorist during an interviewing:
  • What makes you a behaviorist instead of a trainer?
  • What about your services distinguish you from a training?
  • What is the worst issue you’ve ever worked with?
  • Have you worked with chemical or phyiological issues?
  • Have you ever needed to refer to a vet?
  • Describe your training.
  • Describe the most difficult dog you’ve ever worked with.
  • What did you do differently with that dog vs. other dogs?
  • What is the most common issue that people hire you for?
  • Are you referred by vets or other behavorist and explain why.
  • Do you have a specialty?
  • Have you ever been biten – please explain
  • Describe your fee and do you offer a lifetime guarentee?   If a lifetime guarentee is not offered, why not?
  • What is your method or philosophy?
  • How do you go about changing behavior?
  • How many private client dogs have you worked with and were you able to resolve the dog’s behavorial issues to the satisfaction of the client?
  • How many dogs do you work with per week or per month (aside from your own)?
  • How many dogs have you worked with since you started doing this?
  • What is the most common behavioral issue you correct?
  • What is your favorite and your least favorite breed to work with?
  • Would you be able to provide references of your past clients?
  • Was this your primary career?
  • What prompted you to become a dog behavorist and what do you like most about your job?

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