Reasons dogs end up in a shelter or rescue

Friday, September 15th, 2017 Rescues Comments
Reasons dogs end up in a shelter or rescue

There are a variety of reasons why a dog may end up in a shelter or rescue

  • People do not realize how much work a puppy can be and they feel overwhelmed and under qualified
  • A woman gets pregnant and decides that a dog is too much work or she is afraid they might not interact well with her newborn
  • People move and they can’t take the dog
  • People get evicted
  • People lose their jobs and don’t feel like they can financially take care of their dog
  • Family members are allergic to a particular dog / breed
  • A puppy grows too large for the family or home
  • Dogs exhibit extreme separation anxiety
  • Dogs show resource guarding
  • Dogs excessively bark
  • Dogs jump or knock people over
  • Dogs show signs of aggression
  • Dogs bite of nip
  • Dogs escape the yard and attack a neighbor or another dog
  • The dog ends up being the wrong breed for the family’s lifestyle

Most of the behaviors exhibited by dogs are easily correctable with proper behavioral modification from a certified behaviorist.  We firmly believe that there are very few dogs who are “unfixable” thru natural canine behavior rehabilitation.  Most behavioral issues are easy to fix.



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