Therapy Dog

Friday, September 22nd, 2017 Service Dogs Comments
Therapy Dog

A therapy dog is a wonderfully silly, calm and happy dog who comes to help us through tough times when we are undergoing surgery or hospitalization.  They help children feel more comfortable reading and they visit nursing homes.

Therapy dogs are NOT service dogs.  They are pet dogs who are well-behaved enough to sit calmly in our lap or on the floor and whose owners volunteer to make our days brighter.  Most of the owners of these therapy dogs undergo basic training through either CGC, TDI, or a private therapy dog group.

These dogs are NOT allowed in public locations other than with express permission from the proprietor and are not permitted special treatment on airplanes, in hotels or other venues. Having your dog certified by a local therapy dog group does NOT permit you to bring your dog into areas as if it were a service dog.

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