Jobs with animals

Friday, November 3rd, 2017 Professionals Comments
Jobs with animals

How can you earn a living while doing what you love?  We at Wyatt’s List feel strongly that people with a gift for animals are a special breed.  We have compiled a list of potential careers and jobs with animals. This list will be updated as new fields emerge.  Remember that some of these jobs may require advanced training while others may be a perfect fit for your skills.

  1. Veterinarian
  2. Vet Tech X-Ray technician
  3. Groomer
  4. Dog Walker
  5. Pet Sitter
  6. Doggie daycare owner or attendant
  7. Dog trainer
  8. Homecare vet techs to administer medications and fluids to homebound pets and owners
  9. Canine behaviorist
  10. Canine nutritionist
  11. Pet transport
  12. Dog show handler
  13. Dog show judge
  14. Dog show superintendent
  15. Show dog groomer
  16. Show dog kennel master
  17. Pet Friendly vehicle fabricator
  18. RV fabricator
  19. Interior designer for kennels
  20. Veterinary and kennel architect
  21. Engineering for kennel and veterinary facilities
  22. Woodworking and fencing
  23. Electric fence installer and trainer
  24. Metal worker and fabricator for kennels and dog runs
  25. Landscape architect catering to pets
  26. Dog Park designer
  27. Competitive groomer
  28. Agility trainer or competitor
  29. Animal adaptive™ (link to Merlin’s Kids) therapy teacher
  30. Animal adaptive™ therapy social worker
  31. Animal adaptive™ therapy
  32. Animal adaptive™
  33. “Therapy Dog” trainer
  34. “Therapy Dog” handler
  35. Courtroom Cortisol Canine™ training used to help victims of assault and abuse
  36. Cortisol Detection Canines used in schools, veteran’s home and institutional programs
  37. Pet Naturopath
  38. Pet massage and therapeutic interventions
  39. Pet acupuncturist
  40. Hydrotherapist to work with pets recovering from surgery or injury
  41. Animal rights attorney
  42. Animal control officer
  43. Paralegal specializing in animal rights and incidents
  44. Insurance investigator specializing in dog bite and civil issues
  45. Pet Loss and bereavement counselor
  46. Pet taxi
  47. Landscapers with pet friendly products
  48. Pet product designer
  49. Pet product manufacturer
  50. Dog gear designer: pet boots, clothing, collars, leashes, beds, crates, toys
  51. Pet artists – oil, acrylic, water, sculpture, mixed media, mural, photography
    1. Dog shows, horse shows, cat shows, etc.
  52. Rehabilitation products including slings, adaptive devices like wheels for paralyzed or special needs pets
  53. Pet cleaning products including home products and shampoos
  54. Software designer for kennel, rescue and veterinary businesses
  55. Accountants specializing in animal businesses
  56. Service dog trainers
  57. Software developer for pet related games and apps


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