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Dog Bone Antlers

Antlers are an excellent option since they are natural and hard, yet not hard enough to break your dog’s teeth.  They may seem pricey but they last virtually forever and are safe for your pet because they do not splinter, shatter, or chip.  As with any chewable toy or bone, make sure to discard it when it is small enough to be ingested and / or choked on.  Antlers from almost any hooded animals should be fine.  Antlers are a particularly great choice for vegans and vegetarians since all of the other products of natural origin require that the deer, elk and moose be killed, whereas antlers typically are shed every year and are discarded anyway.  Purchase them whole, rather than cut in half.  This does not mean that you will have a four foot antler in your home, but just the outside coating which is very difficult to chew through compared to the inside marrow portion.

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