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Many of the issues dogs have are typically simple to fix with basic dog training.  In fact, the skill level of the family or trainer has everything to do with the behavioral issues of the dog.  So just because others have tried and failed in rehabilitating a dog does not mean that those issues cannot be corrected.  Typically, it is the level of commitment of the family, and not the actual issues of the dog, that determine the success of a behavioral rehabilitation.  Even for a dog who has had multiple issues and homes, a committed family can work through almost anything.  Remember that the key to fixing problem behaviors often lies in the mind of the human and not in the body of the dog.

Not every dog needs to be a service dog, but they do have to be safe and enjoyable.  Simplify your life for your dog, so you don’t live your life around your dog’s behavior, but rather they fit into your life.  (TM)

Since behavior is not changing the body positioning rather than changing the dog’s state of mind rewarding the dog at the wrong time can reinforce certain issues. We want to avoid using food when at all possible because it tends to set your dog up for failure. You’re not a food dispenser, you’re the owner. There is nothing wrong with giving your dog treats – but don’t bribe your dog to do a behavior. It only changes body position and not his state of mind.

Recent Articles

Gentle Dog Training Methods

Gentle Training Methods

We want to highlight the excellent and gentle training methods and individuals who do not use force and intimidation. There are proponents and opponents of each method but there is actual scientific evidence that supports this methodology; such as what is highlighted by Dr. Temple Grandin and other experts on our site.

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Dog behaviorist questions

List of questions to use when interviewing a behaviorist

Below are some helpful questions to ask a behavorist during an interviewing: What makes you a behaviorist instead of a trainer? What about your services distinguish you from a training? What is the worst issue you’ve ever worked with? Have you worked with chemical or phyiological issues? Have you ever needed to refer to a

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Dog Trainer Questions

List of questions to use when interviewing a trainer

Describe the most difficult dog you’ve ever worked with. What did you do differently with that dog vs. other dogs? Do you only do training or do you also consider yourself a behavorist? What is the most common issue that you deal with? What type of issue do you specilaize in (puppy training, anxiety, aggression)?

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Dog Bad Behavior

Is it bad behavior or is it fear?

Is it bad behaviour or is it fear? pg. 231   Since most people equate bad behaviour with defiance, stubbornness, or lack of intelligence, it is no wonder that so many owners, dog walkers, doggie daycare workers, and other pet care workers are under the mistaken assumption that dogs behaving badly do it intentionally. In

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Animal Rights

Animal Rights

Dr. Temple Grandin highlights on the very first page of her book, Animals Make Us Human, animals are entitled to five freedoms.  They are entitled to be: Free from hunger and thirst Free of discomfort Free of pain, injury or disease Free to express their normal behavior Free from fear and distress Animals are not

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Adding a pet to the family

Adding a Non-Canine Family Member

If you are choosing a dog with the intention of perhaps adopting a bunny, cat or other non-canine creature in the future, consider choosing a breed that will not be highly prey driven.  Remember that nature does not always cooperate; instinct is a powerful motivator of behavior.

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Adding a non-canine family member

Adding a Non-Canine Family Member

Those of you who do not discriminate against living things based on species, size, shape or color may be interested in adding a cat or other pet to your brood. If you are choosing a dog with the intention of perhaps having a bunny, cat or other non-canine, consider choosing a breed (or combination of

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Babies and Dogs

“Baby Bubble”

What is a “Baby Bubble”?  A baby bubble is our concept of surrounding something we love and cherish to protect it from harm. Think of personal space.  Now think of how uncomfortable we feel when someone encroaches on our personal space. After all “Space is Respect”™.  When someone invades our personal space, we feel uncomfortable

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city dog tips

City Dog

City Dog is specifically geared towards dogs who live in apartments, condos, and town homes. While we would ideally like for our canine companion to have a ton of space and freedom how can we provide that within the confines of concrete and skyscrapers? Dogs can find their own joy and exuberance amidst city streets,

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