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There are common dangers present in various regions of the country during periods excessive heat, cold, wind, flooding, and other natural disasters.  Just as you want to keep your family safe, so should you be well informed of potential dangers to your pet.  Hazards, animals, plants, and insects can be detrimental so we’ve outlined many things to help you and your dog during every season and in every region of the US.

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Seasonal Tips

  Summer Dogs can inhale sand and salt water which is very dangerous – it can block their stomachs & intestinal tracks and cause nausea Test hot concrete before you walk your dog during the summer – if you can’t walk on it with your bare feet then it is too hot for your dog! Have

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Hiking and Outdoor Safety

Remember, when hiking or taking long walks there can be sharp rocks or even glass, so consider putting booties on your dog. Know the area and choose a path that is frequented by other dogs.  This will ensure that the trail is conducive to a fun hike instead of a dangerous trip.  Be alert and

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Lawn care

Everyone loves a beautiful green lawn.  Unfortunately, some lawn care products have chemicals that may be toxic to your pet.  It is imperative to become educated and ensure that your dog is not exposed to anything dangerous. One of the most common toxicities for dogs is cocoa bark mulch.  This dark brown mulch smells a bit

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Bear Proofing Your Dog and Yard

For those of you in more rural areas where wildlife is abundant, you may find that certain animals, such as bears, can be a nuisance and can also present a real danger to your pets. A dog will be able to smell a bear long before it is within a danger zone. Having your dog

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