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Occasionally, we will have a need for a pet expert or professional such as an attorney, accountant, or behaviorist.

If you have a legitimate service dog, as defined by ADA law, advise your accountant that the expenses associated with your service dog such as food, vet care, harnesses, leashes, etc. are tax deductible.  Some accountants will be familiar with this protocol while others may not be.

If you are breeding dogs that will be used as service dogs, or donating a puppy or adult with value, your donation may also be tax deductible.  You will need to keep receipts, mileage and other proof in order to enumerate the cost affiliated with your business.

If your dog has bitten or injured someone, or if you violate your local ordinances, you and your dog may face punishment and you should contact an attorney.

People may assume that the victim of the bite will not “press charges”, but remember that when you agree to pay a veterinary bill or medical bill, you are seen as admitting guilt. Contacting a reputable and experienced attorney may prevent you from having to put up high fences and keeping your dog muzzled or leashed at all times when outside, even on your own property.

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