Pet Mourning & Bereavement

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It has been said that animals live shorter lives than humans do because they are so filled with goodness; they do not need to stay on earth as long as imperfect humans do.  It takes time to process and realize the inevitable has arrived. Each of us dreads that moment when it is finally time to say goodbye.  One suggestion we hope you’ll strongly consider is not rushing out to search the internet for a quick replacement for your best friend.  Your energy will be weak and anything but stable.  The new dog or puppy will sense your grief and weakness, potentially leading to significant behavioral issues later on.  For your heart and soul to truly process the grief of your loss, it can take months or even years. Wyatt’s List provides a pet mourning and bereavement counseling service that can support you through this time.  Once your cherished soulmate has departed from the physical aspect of his / her body, there are several different options depending on your location and desires.

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Funeral services and burials

Just as with humans, the pet world makes provisions for funeral services and traditional burials.  Generally, the cost of burial depends on the amenities and the size of your pet.  Some pet cemeteries will offer you different types of headstones, caskets and services. Typical price range will depend on the size of your pet and

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Another viable option is cremation.  Cremation typically costs between $175 and $400, depending on the size of the pet. Sometimes there is an additional charge for the crematory to pick up your pet and deliver the ashes later.  That fee can be between $50 to $125.  The benefits of cremation are that you can choose

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Headstones vary from very simple homemade wooden signs or concrete cast name markers, to huge statues or beautiful bronze plaques with your dog’s picture and information.  Ordinance concerns and the potential of someone unearthing your pet should you bury him/her in your own yard can be very uncomfortable and potentially legally troublesome particularly if you

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Pet cemeteries

Most pet cemeteries are owned by pet lovers with beautiful verdant fields or tree-lined plots where you can visit at any time and even place wreaths, flowers or mementos.  There will also be someone on the premises 24/7 or at least quite close to that so there is no worry about a passerby removing something

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