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When a dog is lost do not dispair because sometimes no news is good news. Your pet may be safe and sound in someones garage or home. The rescuer may just be waiting until a vet or shelter is open so they can bring your dog in to be scanned. It is common that dogs are found in their favorite park or along your walk route. Consider teaching your dog to to wait before stepping off of a curb; this will prevent him / her from running into the street or running away.

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Lost Dog Help

Checklist to help you find your missing dog

Take pictures of your pet including ones that clearly show the face, body, and any distiguishing markings Attach ID tags to their collar and include their name, your name and your current phone number Consider adding the contact information for family member of friend in case you can’t be reached If your dogs needs medication

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Dog Microchipping


Most dogs adopted from shelters and rescues will come with an ID chip.  This chip is inserted right under the skin on the dog’s shoulders.  It is a tiny piece of glass with a microchip inside that contains the information for the shelter or rescue.  Please make sure to update the microchip with your personal

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GPS Tracking

Losing a dog is one of the most terrifying senerios of dog ownership.  Some dogs are not particulary friendly or cooperative when they are scared, lost, and on the run.  In the past we were relegated to only having the option of checking the tag or microchip of a found dog. A new technology that

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Lost Dog Found

What to do if you find a stray dog

Do not chase the dog Try and coax the dog to come to you gently so it does not become afraid If the dog comes up to you, do not lunge or grab at the dog but rather stroke it under it’s chin – gently and slowly, but not tentatively, try to place a leash

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