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Kids Zone is a special feature for our youngest pet lovers.  Its purpose is to educate kids who love animals about the magical connection pet have to the world.  We will venture into the fields of veterinary science, provide fun interactive games to keep your future veterinarian or animal rescuer entertained, provide excellent community outreach and volunteers ideas, and even help you plan an animal themed birthday party!

Kids will learn how to be kinder to animals and more understanding of them and their needs through structured and leisurely activities specially designed for different age groups.  Kids will be encouraged to spend time in Wyatt’s List Kids Zone rather than blindly surfing the internet, and parents can trust the information they will find here.

Wyatt’s List will sponsor competitions for kids in different categories ranging from art and photography, volunteer work and entrepreneurship in the fields of animal welfare and advocacy.  There will be scholarships and prizes awarded for certain campaigns.  Kids will learn to take an active role in their own schools and neighborhoods by helping others understand the value and need for spay/neuter, providing proper health care for their animals as well as preventing animal abuse and neglect.

We will be searching for those special kids who want to make a difference in the animal community and who understand compassion and responsibility on a different level.  Wyatt’s List Kids Zone will be a place for the special kids to be a part of a movement for they are future who will protect all inhabitants, two-legged and four-legged alike.

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