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When introducing your new dog or puppy to grooming it is always a good idea to bring them to the grooming shop to visit prior to leaving them there for their first dog grooming session.  Make sure they feel comfortable when they’re there.  This will make the whole experience less dramatic for him, and for you!

There are different kinds of options such as on site locations, mobile groomers, and self wash doggie salons.

There is also many types of dog grooming techniques.  Depending on the breed and type of hair or fur, grooming can range from a five minute bath in your shower with minimal drying time or can require five or six hours of a talented and patient groomer.  “Wash and wear” dogs like RR, boxers, dobermans, beagles and other shorthaired breeds and combinations of breeds can probably be bathed with a natural pet shampoo (See section on Shampoos and Grooming Products). When you adopt or purchase a dog with obvious longer than an inch hair or fur, be prepared for some shedding or heavy duty dog grooming.

If you own a dog with a longer coat that needs to be brushed often, you may opt for a puppy cut and clip.  This means the groomer will leave between 1/2 inch and 2 inches of the hair or fur so that it is easier to manage, but it still keeps the dog insulted.  Puppy cuts work very well on many breeds but typically you’ll still need to brush the dog between grooming.  You can also opt for the dog to have its belly shaved or clipped so that the dog can lay during summer and cool itself.  Remember that dogs do not sweat like humans, and they can only cool themselves with direct contact with a cooler object (like a cool floor) or by panting.  If you opt to keep your dog’s coat natural make sure to comb it daily with an appropriate tool or grooming and check for fleas, tics and parasites that might be moving in to your dogs newly coifed coat.

Some dogs may have mats, particularly under their arms, legs, bellies and in their ears.  These mats can go unnoticed.  Feel every day around your dog’s body to make sure that there are not ticks, parasites, mats, knots, lumps and bumps that were not there the day prior.  Treat your dog as if he is getting a massage and do it gently and methodically beginning at the front of the dog and moving back.  Go around and under his body and also feel the back legs.  Notify your veterinarian if something changes.

Dogs with longer hair or coats such as Maltese, Shih Tzus and some of the Poodle mixes tend to mat quickly and easily.  If you don’t catch these mats early, they can become inflamed or infected and create open ulcers.  If you choose to keep your pets hair long then make sure that you groom daily, paying special attention to the areas mentioned.

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