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When you go to a legitimate dog breeder they will insist that you keep in touch and return the dog if there is ever a problem.

Unfortunately, the glut of puppy mills and backyard breeders breed without testing or carefully choosing two healthy parents who will produce healthy wonderful dogs with great temperaments.  Most simply breed random, perhaps unhealthy or behaviorally unsound dogs, who are genetically too closely related or have genetic or behavioral issues.

People purchasing these supposedly “purebred” or “designer dogs” don’t know what they’re really getting.  The dogs face terrible health and behavioral issues.  It’s heartbreaking. People just want a sweet pet to love and care about.  Instead, it ends in tragedy all too often.

When your dog is purchased from an AKC show dog breeder, you will typically receive a contract and history of the pup.  This is invaluable in transitioning your new dog that you purchased from a show dog breeder, easily and painlessly to your home from the breeder’s home.

Purchasing a puppy from an AKC show breeder is typically a guarantee of quality, commitment and integrity.  This is important especially for those who are looking for certain characteristics or traits such as size, temperament, longevity and other concerns.  Being registered with one of the major all-breed registries is important, but remember that only AKC show breeders and Breeders of Merit have shown the highest level of integrity.

Do not be tricked into believing that a designer dog is a “breed”.  We have seen “breeders” of designer breeds telling people that the dog is AKC registered because both of its parents are AKC registered.  AKC registered simply means that the parentage of both parents is known and pure, but breeding a purebred of one breed to the purebred of another breed still breeds a mixed-breed.

Any way you slice it, purebred show dogs, as explained in our section on reputable show dog breeders, are tested for genetic and physical perfection and purity including genetic testing for deformities in joints, eyes, ears, heart and congenital conditions.  A dog breeder breeds to better the breed, not to make money. In fact, most breeders of champion and grand champion show dogs lose money because of the costs of genetic testing and showing their progeny at venues such as Westminster and other prestigious dog shows.



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