Genete M. Bowen

Genete M. Bowen is a pet owner, an animal advocate, Pet Medical Massage Therapist, an Animal Emergency Technician, & the founder of DogE911 ‘All Pet Emergency Training’ where animal lovers can be their ‘Own First Responder’. Genete has worked with both humans & animals specializing in chronic pain conditions since 1997, and aided pets with serious illnesses like Cancer. Since 2007, she has devoted her time to educating others on prevention care, triage, & disaster response concerning our beloved animals. Genete is on the HSUS N-DART National Disaster Animal Response Team & DogE911 is a member of VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster). Genete has been featured in numerous newspapers, as well as on radio and TV news programs. She has spoken at many high-profile pet events, & has attended animal & emergency response conferences throughout the nation. Genete is an advocate on national animal disaster laws, & has even spoken at the California State Capitol. She has worked during disasters assisting animals & has received both local state legislature & national congressional awards, being honored in 2010 with the coveted President’s Lifetime Award. Genete’s DogE911 Jr. Vet Program nurtures & mentors animal-loving youth thereby focussing their inner drive to help animals. She works with pet owners & animal-related businesses, as well as trains first responders thus making a difference for animals impacted during all types of emergency situations. Genete has been appointed to run the Paws Division under International Firefighter Cancer Foundation, where she educates on canine Cancer awareness as well as helps to keep our working dogs safe. She also works with partner Project Breathe, which is the pet oxygen mask donation program under Invisible Fence.  Genete currently lives in Central CA with her husband & four Dachshunds, two of which are rescues.